Christchurch SQL SERVER User Group

Welcome to the Christchurch SQL SERVER User Group.


We're just getting back on our feet after a period of fragmented activity, so please come along and join us for our bi-monthly discussions and presentations.

Anyone is welcome at the user group - but at interest in SQL SERVER helps.

Whether you have endless years of SQL experience or are a complete novice, we'd love to see you at our regular sessions.

At the Christchurch SQL SERVER User Group, we want to provide sessions that our members want to see and so we'd like you guys to be part of the sessions, whether that's as part of the audience or as a session presenter yourself.

So, if you would like to present a session then feel free to contact us, we'll fit you in somewhere, or if you just have an idea for a session then drop us a line too. Any SQL related topic is good.


Sorry, there are no upcoming meetings. Please check back for updates.